About Me

My name is Alejandro Ramallo (or just Alex), I live in Miami FL, and I graduated from FIU with a business degree. Also, since I was born in 1995 I'm either an old zoomer or a young millenial.

You can follow updates to my site by subscribing to the RSS feed in your favorite feed reader, but don't expect frequent updates.


For serious enquiries, please email me at alejandro@ramallo.me. If I don't reply, feel free to send it again as I most likely just missed it.

I rarely use social media, but here are some of my accounts:

Some background info

I started making games when I was like 10 or 11 and discovered gamemaker. For some reason, the programming side of it really drew me in, and my life has pretty much revolved around it ever since (programming, not gamemaker). That was definitely a stroke of luck because I doubt I would've ever done this stuff without it.

I like low-level programming, build systems, automation, portability, Linux, and backend stuff. If you browse my projects, you'll see that I have more than a few homebrew things there. Writing a custom game engine for a barely-documented retro console and/or porting software to it is both really fun, and good for the planet! 😁