Pirate Swipe

A Game by Alejandro Ramallo


Pirate Swipe is a 2D puzzle game that I am currently developing. I plan to target Android and iOS mobile devices, including the Amazon Appstore in addition to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

I started working on this project back in the summer of 2015, and completed an initial early version for exclusive release on the Amazon Fire TV (see screenshots below) in about 2 months. I wrote it in the Haxe programming langauge and built it atop Haxeflixel, which uses the OpenFL platform, ensuring that I will have an easy time porting the game to all major platforms when it is completed.

I created all the art and code for the game myself except for the music and fonts. Recently, development has slowed as I've decided to focus my time more on other projects. However, it is still something I plan to finish eventually. Current builds of the game feature an overworld adventure meta-game, scavenger hunt style progression system with a light-hearted narrative planned, detailed and fun art and animations, and a fully integrated and streamlined content-creation pipeline.

For inquiries, please contact me directly