Alejandro Ramallo

Orange Engine

Available on Github

This is a 2D and 3D game engine I made back in highschool when I got my first Android phone (~2010). It is written in 100% Java, uses OpenGL ES 1.x (so no shaders), and is surprisingly functional. It weighs in at around ~30k LOC.

It is essentially the engine that powered my first Android game, SpinShip. I pulled out the core engine features and packaged it as a separate reusable engine after I released the game. Unfortunately, I didn’t use any version control back when I began development (I backed up my code to DVDs lol), so there’s no development history from that point. I also, predictably, lost the source code for SpinShip :(

This engine was used to create the following apps that were/are published on the Android Market/Play Store, a few random non-Google app stores for Android, and Blackberry AppWorld:

It was also used for a handful of apps I made for clients as a freelancer, and a bunch of incomplete personal projects. Pretty much the only thing that kept development of this engine alive was one giant project in particular that I ended up scrapping as well…


*That I remember…

Source Code

The full source code is up on Github


Here are a bunch of random screenshots of things I made with this engine.

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